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We offer a full-service marketing experience that specialises in content production and deployment. We foster our client’s vision to deliver outstanding videography, photography and design. Layering strategy, research and innovation throughout the entire process to ensure effective results.



Little Middle was created to help little to middle sized businesses promote themselves effectively. Our model is for client relationships to be lasting. Whether it be one-off projects or ongoing assistance, it is paramount that we produce sustainable activity focused on strategic ROI. We first seek to take a deep dive into our client’s business and understand their philosophy. We want to know how you got to where you are and what your future goals are. From there we put together a tailored strategy founded in qualified research and industry trends. Our advice is straight-up, we don’t recommend activity that will waste our client’s resources and look to provide value for money within their budget. We also listen to how you want to work together. Are you inundated and need more help, or do you want to learn how to help yourself? We’ve got you either way.



Modular marketing is a pneumonic term to help demystify what tasks are included in “marketing” today. Essentially there are a number of unique areas and skills that go together to form a marketer’s toolkit. We have laid these tools out below so that you can get a better understanding of what exactly it is you may be after. Depending on your business model, some or all of these may be required. We have clients that come to us seeking an end-to-end solution and others who may just require content, or design, or help planning their upcoming year’s marketing strategy.


Developing a brand’s strategy can only come from having a deep understanding our client’s business and the industry they support. It can encompass a single campaign or be layered on top of all marketing activities. We first want to sit down with you to understand what makes your business great. We seek to identify your niche against your competitors and create a story that tells that message. Ultimately, we’re trying to find the best way to cut through the clutter and make your story resonate. We stay up to date with current research to ensure your business takes advantage of any emerging trends. Our aim is to save our clients’ money by ensuring their investments are optimised to perform. Always the marketing strategy should support the business strategy to ensure a cohesive delivery of both.

We produce all of our content in-house. We use state-of-the-art equipment and platforms which allows us to deliver the highest quality content available. We own all of our gear which has been carefully selected based on limiting the number of people required to run our operation. Ultimately for the client this means with less people needed to capture and edit their content, the less cost there is to them. Historically, consistent and quality content could not fit within most little to middle sized budgets. Our goal has always been to make these services both available and affordable. We aim to build lasting relationships with clients by building a databank of their own assets which means that we can quickly produce content at a reduced ongoing rate.

In essence, the look and feel of your product or service. We want to translate the ideas in your head through quality design to give your business an identity. Now branding can encompass a multitude of elements depending on where you are in your journey. If you’re just starting out then you will need a logo, additional brand assets and a style guide on how to use these elements. We use a number of visual and verbal processes to help actualise your thoughts and ensure they are reflected in your results. Once we have nailed down a concept, we proceed with building out all supporting assets that you will need; business cards, presentation documents, email signatures, signage, stationary, letterheads, etc. You will receive a style guide outlining the proper use of your assets for design purposes, which means anyone can work on your brand in the future.

We find that these days a little bit of design goes a long way. It helps make your business look professional and gives credibility to your brand. Do you need graphics for your social media, posters for your workplace, banners for your website or any other design related work? We can be engaged to do one off jobs or roll out an entire campaign, work within your current guidelines or look to give you a fresh concept. We love to problem solve; in-case you don’t know exactly what you want and need us to help you figure it out.

We work with clients in a few different ways when it comes to web development requirements. If you are looking for a simple website including eCommerce platforms, we can build that in-house. If you have an existing site with an established CMS but need us to update content, then we can do that too. If you require a more robust offering inclusive of complex functionality then we can liaise with experts in that field to get the job done. In this scenario we step in to provide all necessary creative elements including copy, photography, design and video to fill out the site. We can project manage the job on our client’s behalf with the developer to ensure it is delivered on time.

Words. If you need them, we got them. In fact, there will be a number of instances where you will need an eloquent description of your product or service. Words are needed in lots of different places; passages on your website, press-releases to media, social media posts, scripts for ads, quotes for editorials, articles for your blog, email marketing… everywhere really. We strive to become the purveyors of your business to ensure it is represented both cohesively and consistently. But if you need lots and lots of words, can we keep up? We have a network of writers we work with for clients who are heavily invested in written content. They are on-boarded and trained by Little Middle to work specifically with each brand’s unique dialect.

SEO is an intricate ball of yarn. Be careful to tug at its thread, because you will realise there is really no end to it. With that said, when deployed correctly, it is an investment that pays dividends with hordes of qualified, organic traffic to your website. Little Middle works in conjunction with partners in our industry to provide content for SEO purposes. We use industry leading tools to identify opportunities for our clients and determine ways we can take advantage of this. We have taken an innovative approach in this area of marketing through how we execute our video content production. We layer our creative concepts on top of extensive keyword research to identify opportunities for increased traffic. We then craft articles that aid this rich content, ultimately driving organic traffic to our clients’ website. For traditional SEO strategies such as site structure, back-linking and the various other behind the scenes tasks, we work closely with other like-minded owner-operated businesses who can deliver success at reasonable prices.

You gotta have it. Very few businesses these days can opt out of participating in the largest communication channel that has ever existed. It rules many of our lives but what a brilliant tool it has become to have free, direct and robust conversations with your consumer. To be competitive you need consistency regarding quality images, video, copy and communication. Ideally you have taken the time to strategically plan out the upcoming quarter’s activity. You need to spend time brainstorming on how to keep your audience engaged and execute those ideas to a high standard. You have layered in any campaigns that may be in the works, identified key periods that require adequate preparation, instigated user generated content on your behalf and have baked in contingencies for emergencies. If you want to do it right, you need to maximise all of the opportunities that social media provides in acquiring and retaining customers. Then there’s utilising their ad platforms which almost requires a college degree to operate.

Did you know that the most effective way to digitally convert customers into sales is through email marketing? Building subscribers is key no matter what your business model is. This can be achieved through a number of methods but ultimately the more people you have to talk to, the great the chance they will buy your product or services. Having a comprehensive strategy that aims to deliver quality, tailored content to your audience at an optimised frequency will allow you the greatest chance of success. Segmenting this audience based on their interests prior to engaging them will bolster your conversion rate. We help make sure that once you’re committed to this channel that you stay committed. Proficient in all leading platforms we can deliver an end-to-end solution or work within a system you already have in place.

Are you having trouble finding the best price for a job and need us to go to bat for you? Are you launching a new product and need help getting connected with the right PR agency? Is there just something you need or a question you have, and no one seems to be able to give you the answer? For our clients we are only a phone call away. With an extensive network of producers and suppliers we assist in making those connections. We can point you in the right direction, put you in touch with the right person or if you just want to offload the job, we can handle that too.

One of Little Middle’s unique offerings is we can teach you how to need us less. Most agencies keep the process convoluted and you confused so that you stay reliant on their services. We believe that if you want to know how help yourself then it’s our duty to be there for you. You may want to know how to produce better content on a daily basis or how to make your adds more efficient. Maybe which search terms in a long-tailed keyword strategy are ripe for the picking on your blog. We can produce high-quality, branded templates for our client’s social media and email marketing platforms. We can help mitigate the ongoing costs to make small changes to your website by helping you understand how to do it yourself. A savvy business knows how to keep costs down and we want to show you how.

The most transparent part of the whole process… the numbers. Like any savvy businessperson, you want to make sure the money you are spending is leading to an acceptable ROI. But what should you expect in return for each dollar spent… 1:2, 1:5, 1:20? The honest answer is each industry is different just like each business operates on different margins. It depends on a number of factors such as; how long is your purchase cycle, how expensive is your brand or service, what is your audience size, how strong of an incentive are you offering, is it a highly competitive market etc. What we aim to do, depending the extent of our engagement, is to set up a way to track the key metrics relevant to your business. We use smart platforms to track these behaviours and utilise our industry experience to turn this data into insights and outcomes. This can include monitoring key website metrics, ad performance, social media engagement levels, quality of enquiry and other metrics pertinent to the type of activity. We can automate reporting or develop in depth reports with qualitative feedback at a frequency that suits our clients.



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